Some Useful Ways To Get Graphics

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Some Useful Ways To Get Graphics

Post by Kori on Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:37 pm

Can't choose a way you want your fox to look like? Or do you just not have a picture for your application?
Here are some games and dollmakers that you can create your own fox. 

1. Twai's Kitsune Maker

Though it's kind of a cute-like style, this game has a lot of customization options. 
If you refresh it every other minute (you really have to wait a minute each time) or so, you will gain 'achievements' and unlock more options. It will save your picture (after pressing save) to a transparent png file that you can put over backrounds.

2. Kamirah's Fox Maker
Thouh not as much customization options as Twai's, there is lots of cute colours and such if you want a more realistic-looking fox charcter. It even has little hair options! 

3. Sidgi's Fox Creator (make sure to press fox!)
A lot of really cool fur colour options! 

4. Kaylink's Fox Maker
A cute fox maker with a bunch of colour options!

That's all I've got! Feel free to reply to this post with more if you have any. And always, when you screenshot/save the photo when you're finished, please provide some kind of credit when put into your application, etc. At least the creator of the game's name, or even a link to the creator.

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